Nov 23

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What the Cool Kids Will Be Using to Run Windows 8

EXOPC is a company that currently makes a couple of tablet computers that so far have achieved little market share. However a demonstration of a new planned product called the EXODesk has received hundreds of thousands of views. Here it is:

From a hardware standpoint this is an already existing product, the multi-touch flat-screen monitor, mounted at a slight slope on your desk. The shell program, while cute, is just a demonstration placeholder for the real product, which I expect will be Windows 8.

When Microsoft first previewed Windows 8 and then demonstrated it at trade shows many people believed that Microsoft had given up on desktop systems or wondered what attraction Windows 8 would have beyond tablets. The EXODesk answers those questions.  The EXODesk represents one of two dominant desktop forms that I expect will be very popular with Windows 8.  The other is the traditional desktop layout but with a small graphics tablet (such as from Wacom or VisTablet) instead of a mouse.

Although the 40 inch expanse of the EXODesk makes for an impressive demonstration, I expect that most of the real applications will be 24 to 28 inch screens.  Not only will they be less expensive, but who has that much empty desk space?  I certainly don’t!  And do not presume from this that you will be required to buy a new monitor.  Multi-touch add-on kits are already available and since the VESA standards already specify the screw hole locations, any tilting TV wall mount could put the monitor sloped at a comfortable angle on your desk.

Note that in a recent posting regarding what HP should do to create excitement about their PC business a product like this was one of my suggestions.

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