May 26

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Man Eats 25,000th Big Mac!

Don Gorske, a retired prison guard, ate his 25,000th Big Mac on Tuesday May 17, 2011.  A Big Mac, sold at McDonald’s restaurants, is a burger with two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.  Gorske, 59 years old, began eating Big Mac’s on May 17, 1972.  The Guinness World Records recognized Gorske’s feat three years and 2,000 Big Mac’s ago.  Gorske has no plans to stop eating Big Mac’s.  It is his favorite food.  He plans on eating Big Mac’s until the day he passes.  You would expect Gorske to be overweight or in poor health.  However, Gorske is trim and walks regularly.  He was recently given a clean bill of health and his cholesterol is low.

Here are some statistics for Gorske’s Big Mac addiction:

  1. Gorske has been eating Big Mac’s for 39 years
  2. Gorske eats, on average, 641 Big Mac’s a year
  3. That means, on average, Gorske eats 1.75 Big Mac’s a day!
  4. Gorske claims that he has only gone eight days, in 39 years, without eating a Big Mac

Gorske is proof that exercise really does matter.  For those of us who do not exercise, eat your vegetables. 

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  1. Elaine

    Justin- Thanks…I still get a kick out of the name :-)…I fear how many calories those Big Macs would total, some steons are best left unturned…ha!25,000 trout…should be a fun goal to try and hit 🙂

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